Liftupp by ExamSoft

The Liftupp Story
Liftupp was originally created in 2009 at the University of Liverpool by a team of experts in curriculum and assessment design, quality assurance, and clinical education. All driven by a common goal to improve the student experience through personalised education, ensuring every aspect of the curriculum of study are taught and appropriately assessed.

Liftupp’s platform has enabled university partners to produce detailed personal portfolios that enhance student employability and enable the continuous assessment of non-technical skills such as communication and professionalism. We are passionate about working with educators to develop assessments into transformative learning experiences.

Liftupp by ExamSoft

Acquired by ExamSoft in 2019, Liftupp’s platform has been added to the ExamSoft portfolio of products with the mission to deliver superior assessment solutions for all. Operating for over twenty years, ExamSoft is a secure testing and assessment platform company based in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. The company’s unique exam software has enabled more than 1,500 educational institutions worldwide to develop and host exams with industry-leading security and reliability.
Liftupp and ExamSoft have come together to provide a comprehensive suite of client-focused, computer-based assessment solutions for more control over the entire assessment process. Now clients all over the world have access to robust exam creation and item banking tools, lock-down security for on-site and remote assessments, and data collection and analytics capabilities—all made to be intuitive, reliable, and secure.

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